Picture a jumbo rat on steriods for your next birthday party. Thanks, Dad. The video game you’ve got to play

In the indie steam game Bonbon, we learn about a boy and his irrational fear. Irrational fears are common amongst almost everyone so I believe you will be able to relate to this game one way or another. The overall plot is a little boy celebrating his birthday while avoiding this abnormally large rat creature. This game shows the metaphor of a fear really well with its vague but interesting storytelling. Also for an independent developer game, the graphics look clean and smooth for the most part, with only a few minor glitches. 

      It can be lazy at times, like not showing the mom or dad character models by blacking out the screen when they’re talking or using a voice recorder, but this can be forgiven with the rest of the positives of the game. This game can be finished in about 15 or 30 minutes, so it is an extremely short game. 

      Do I believe it’s worth the $2.99 for a short game? Not exactly. This game would have been better off being free, in my opinion, but if you wanna pay for an interesting game with a good take on irrational fears? I’d say go for it. I’m sure you can find another game about irrational fears that are free, but I’ll just say this game is an interesting experience and it’ll be fun to play if you have some extra money hanging around.