PARENT HANDBOOK ON Childhood and Teen Depression

PARENT HANDBOOK ON Childhood and Teen Depression

Welcome to the Erika’s Lighthouse Parent Handbook on Childhood and Teen Depression,
Second Edition. You may be reading our handbook because you think your child is
depressed and you want to know what to do. We are here to help you.

You Are
Not Alone

Somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of our children and teens will suffer from at
least one depressive episode before they reach adulthood. These episodes come in
many forms—ranging from the child who doesn’t want to go to school to the teen who is
constantly in a rage to the withdrawn child who barely speaks.
Often, these episodes are seen as just a phase, or typical behavior, but depression,
clinical depression, is not part of typical behavior—it is a disorder that deserves attention
and needs treatment.

Most children and teens who suffer from depression go undiagnosed and untreated.
Many parents don’t know the signs of depression or where to turn for help, and, if they
reach out for help, they often become frustrated trying to find it. Understanding
exactly what’s going on with your child, finding the right treatment, dealing with the
schools—all have their unique challenges and can deplete the energy of even the most
dedicated parent.

We hope this handbook will be a helpful guide to you as you deal with the many issues
you will likely confront over the course of your child’s depression. We know this is
probably a frightening time. You may feel helpless and alone. We invite you to read our
handbook with the hope that it will give you both some comfort and some answers.

And we hope you will find some helpful tips on how to help your child maintain good
mental health and find happiness, something we all want for our children.

Please keep in mind—this is a parent-to-parent guide. It was written by parents, not
professionals, and errs on the side of practical, rather than professional, advice. It is not
a substitute for professional help, which we urge you to seek. And, of course, we don’t
have all the solutions. We merely hope that we have at least a few suggestions that will
be of some practical help to you.

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