Las Cruces’ Alma D’Arte Charter School Breaks Down Three Myths

Alma d' Arte Las Cruces Charter School Science classroom

Las Cruces’ Alma D’Arte Charter School Breaks Down Three Myths

Walking through the doors of charter school Alma D’Arte, a parent can feel overwhelmed by the options brimming for their student’s educational experience. From the sun-washed row of pottery wheels to the lineup of keyboards ready for fingers to dance across them, parents get a tour of not only the building, but also a view on the unleashed potential for their child in every nook of the newly renovated charter school.

Sometimes there are nagging roadblocks of doubt – is Alma D’Arte right for my child? Am I even allowed to enroll them? We can help clear up some basic misconceptions parents have about life at Alma in Las Cruces.

The Admission Myth
“I don’t think I’ll pass the test and audition to get in!”

The longest-standing myth at Alma D’Arte is that there must be some sort of stringent requirement needed to join the school – a written test to highlight a gifted student, or the detailed documentation of a failing student, or an audition on dance or instrument skills.

However, New Mexico Senate Bill 446 Section 1, 22-8B-4 Charter Schools Rights and Responsibilities, K states: “Except as otherwise provided in the Public School Code, a charter school shall not charge tuition or have admission requirements.” The entire registration process for Alma D’Arte consisted solely of filling out the registration form.

The Tuition Myth
“Wow, these small classes would be amazing for collaboration, but I don’t think I can afford to send my child here.”

Also falling under that senate bill is the myth of tuition. Alma D’Arte is free and enrollment is open to all students. We don’t discriminate on any basis to any child wanting to enroll. Our funding comes from local, state and federal tax dollars based on enrollment just like other public schools. We are overseen by a government-endorsed authorizing entity, just like the traditional public schools are overseen by a school district.

The Sports Myth
“But she’s great at soccer. I still want her to have the option to play sports.”

Alma D’Arte students do play sports, and in fact, we have some of our students playing on winning teams throughout Las Cruces. Our students have the option to practice at local traditional high school to enjoy the camaraderie and challenges that come from team sports. Transportation is needed to be arranged by the parent from our campus to the high school where their team plays.