How to avoid scam calls

The Better Websites

There are some ways to avoid those scam callers whether they are from actual people, to bots working for them. You can visit websites, download apps, or even just ignore them but they get very obnoxious. One website that allows you to get some good information is When you visit, there is a search bar. Search “avoid scam calls” and view the list of ways to avoid those unwanted calls. Another website is that has some really good information is They provide information, apps, and many other sources to help fix your problem. 

Other Informational Websites

There are plenty of other websites that have information such as,, etc. The stated websites are very helpful and can be used. In my personal opinion, is the most informative website. provides a app that you can use to block those malicious attackers. When you open the website it should open up to the desired page, if not then click the search bar and search for “how to avoid scam calls”. On the right side of the screen you will see their advertisement of their app. Click on the advertisement and download their app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. only provides information but it is very detailed and will really help with those unwanted calls that have malicious intent.