How Joining These Clubs Aided My High School Experience

It’s usually all fun and games when it comes to the leadership teams in elementary school. But what young kids don’t know is that the high school version of leadership is much more extensive than they expect. Here’s what some members had to say when asked about how these clubs benefitted them:

“We provide activities, supplies, and resources for the students.”

-Brittney Duque, National Honor Society Member

“By earning the school better funding that the school as a whole can benefit from.”

-Logan Mclananhan-Youngman, Student Leadership Team Member

“We benefit the students by trying to be role models and placing events for them to participate in.”

-Alesandra Duque, Student Leadership Team Member

So, what’s the deal with the Student Leadership Team (SLT)? The SLT represents students, helping the students, and helping the school out. Okay, but what about the National Honors Society (NHS)?  The NHS involves community service–helping everyone out around the community and acting in the best behavior suited for students. In both clubs, members participate in helping with dances, movie nights, helping out in the community, and fundraisers.

Let’s talk about the events these clubs hold. NHS had hosted the Harry Potter Movie Night (DATE). SLT had hosted the Halloween dance (annually) as well as 2018’s spirit week. NHS will soon be hosting the Valentine’s dance in February 2019. The exact date is February 15, 2019 (a day after Valentine’s day) From 7 PM to 10 PM. for a few extra dollars, attendees can buy snacks and jazzy old-time funky music to dance.

Members, let’s talk about those! There are nine students in SLT, while there are eight members in NHS. Currently, five members belong to both the SLT and NHS. Qualified students are invited to join the National Honors Society, but anyone can join the Student Leadership Team anytime they’d like! SLT will be having their meetings in Mr. Padilla’s room.

Clubs, of course, can sometimes have those kids who crack up every once and awhile, although, the members in both of these clubs tend to be very professional. Every club has their code on how to discipline kids when they start fooling around.

Things are starting to look hopeful while we have the NHS and SLT clubs around! Planning events and helping the school and beyond seem to be these clubs agenda. If this seems like your thing, maybe joining the Student Leadership Team seems like a good idea to you.