Governance Council

Primary responsibilities of the Governance Council include the following:

Selects supports and evaluates the Head Administrator
Makes strategic decisions
Monitors and strengthens the quality of the program
Protects assets and provides proper financial oversight
Builds and maintains a competent board
Enhances the School’s benefit to the community
Establishes the mission & purpose

The Governance Council holds regular meetings on the third Monday of every month. In addition, special meetings are held as needed. Those dates and times will be posted on the Meeting Agendas page. The Alma d’ arte Governance Council currently consists of five volunteer members.
Position #1      Term:  7/21-12/22 Cynthia Wise – Board Member Email: Occupation: Retired/Co-Director Southern NM Equity Forum
Position #2      Term:  1/20-12/22 Ron Fitzherbert – Board Member Email: Occupation: Risk Manager/Compliance Officer 
Position #3      Term:  1/19-12/21 Richelle Ponder – Board Member Email: Occupation: Real Estate Investor/Business Owner  
Position #4       Term: 1/19 – 12/21 Paul Dulin – President Email: Occupation: Self-Employed
Position #5      Term:  1/21 – 12/23
Position #6       Term:  1/21 – 12/23 Kimberly Skaggs – Vice President Email: Occupation: President/CEO 50 States DMV, LLC
Position #7:    Term: 1/21-12/23 Vernon Wilson – Treasurer Email: Occupation: Retired
Position #8:    Term: 7/21-12/23
Position #9:  Authorized but not filled to date.  Term: 1/21-12/23 *To maintain rotation of membership, terms are applied to position number and not to individuals.