Courses Offered


English Mathematics Science
English 9 Algebra I* Biology*
Honors English 9 Geometry* Chemistry*
English 10 Algebra II* Geology
Pre AP English 10 Math IV Physics
English 11 Financial Literacy Botany
AP English 11 Pre-Calculus Medical Terminology/Anatomy & Physiology
English 12 Computer Science
AP English 12 Health
Social Studies Visual Arts Performing Arts
New Mexico History Artist Within (Introduction to Visual Art) Chorus
World History* Drawing and Painting I Guitar I
US History* Drawing and Painting II Guitar II
Government/ENLACE 3D Art (Ceramics) Advanced Guitar
AP Studio Art Piano
Sculpture Dance
Foreign Languages Culinary Arts Literary Arts
Spanish I Culinary I Poetry and Creative Writing
Spanish II Culinary II Mythology in Comics
Introduction to Culinary
Advanced Baking
Career Readiness Physical Education Student Activity Groups
Platica PE National Honor Society
Youth Social Justice
Apprenticeship Yoga Yearbook
Gender & Sexualities Alliance
Alma Singers
Credit Recovery Platform Tabletop Gaming
Student Leadership Team Travel Club
Prom Committee
*These classes will be scheduled at an Honors level with sufficient requests