Governance Council Agenda

Regular Meeting: August 28, 2017, 6:00 pm

Council Members

  • Gene Elliott
  • Casilda Provencio
  • Carolyn Williams
  • Karen Caroe
  • Bill Brogan

I. Introduction

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call of Members
  3. Approval of Agenda / New Format
  4. Approval of Minutes – July 24, 2017
  5. Announcements – Change of October Meeting Date

II. Public Comment

III. Current Business (items with action needed to meet deadlines or other requirements)

  1. PED GC Membership Report (G) **
  2. PED Training Sessions (G)
  3. Alma GC Training Needs Audit (G)
  4. SPED Policies (A)
  5. Enrollment (A)
  6. 4th Quarter Cash Report (F)
  7. 4th Quarter Check Register (F)
  8. 2017 Audit (F)

IV. Past Business (Review and routine approval/acceptance of actions taken, reports compiled, funds received/expended, audit and program results, etc.)

  1. Bylaws Review Results (G)
  2. Principal/CAO Evaluation Conclusion (G)
  3. Committee Reports (G)
  4. GC Member Recruitment (G)
  5. ADC Evaluation – Rating for passing (A)

V. Future Business (Research/discussion/plans for long-term directions of Alma.  To include modification of mission, goals, academic programs, budgets, etc.)

  1. Introduction to Discussion (G)
  2. Selected Videos (G)
  3. Process Timetable/Agenda (G)
  4. Thoughts/Reflections/Observations (G), (A)
  5. ADC 2018/2019 – Discussion (A)

VI. Next Meeting Agenda Items

  1. Future Business
  2. Current Business
  3. Past Business

VII. Adjournment
** (A) – Administrative Item; (F) – Finance Item; (G) – Governance Council Item