Teacher Feature

In a world where people are lost, wandering through twisted paths, a mentor is someone with a map. A mentor understands your struggle with each step and guides you through winding roads. Katherine Cady`s story maps out an example to guide us. She has constructed herself an admirable life. Cady has traveled, she has cared for others (both people and cats), and she has taught her students how to develop.

As a high schooler, Cady was not the ideal student. She lacked the passion to excel in school, though she did enough schoolwork to pass her classes. she is a persevering teacher. What changed? Her work ethic did not progress until college, a turning point in her life. She did well in areas she felt were important. These areas did not include math. Mr. Denis taught her calculus. Every day, she would ask him when she would use calculus in her life, and every day he would find her an answer (no matter how ridiculous it would sound). She would never complete the homework because she could pass without it. Denis contacted her parents; they had her make up every assignment she missed, though she received no credit. He taught her the importance of diligence. A lesson she came to appreciate later when she realized the sacrifices he made for her.

Cady has changed a lot since her high school days. She feels she has made a home out of the Alma community. She loves that the students and teachers have interpersonal relationships.

“You are a person before you’re a student,” she said. “Teachers have always been allowed to be a bit more human here.”

She wishes students knew that effort was more important than intelligence, but she believes that this is something students have to learn themselves. 

Her biggest challenge is time. She finds herself with fewer opportunities because she simply has no time.

She frequently says, “This is the most time I’m ever going to have.”

She knows better than to waste it.