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Alma d' Arte Charter High School

Alma d’Arte Charter High School at the Court Youth Center, opened in 2004, is the pioneering arts-based secondary school serving a diversity of learners through a rigorous academic and integrated arts program. Alma’s dynamic educational program integrates the visual, performing, literary and culinary arts into their high school experience. Students learn to understand and enthusiastically explore the connections between disciplines and diverse ways of thinking. This integrated approach ensures that students develop into creative thinkers equipped to better succeed in a complex society where personal, professional and artistic boundaries are increasingly fluid and careers multifaceted.

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Alma d’Arte Charter High School is proud to bring passionate and committed teachers to work with our students. We seek out to discover the potential of each student and let them harness their skills in the framework of group learning and individual discovery.

Our small class sizes lets us tailor our lessons more directly around the needs of our students and lets us have more time to explore topics that expand from the books to real-world application. Critical thinking about what they learn, and how they themselves learn, is a crucial part of the interplay between our students and their ultimate success.