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New Era Opens at Alma d’arte Building Vigas

The beginning of the 2014-15 academic year marks a new and exciting chapter in the evolution of Alma d’arte Charter High School. Our school is now the sole program in the building, in partnership with though remaining independent of the Las Cruces Public Schools. This unique agreement ensures our continued school operations in this historic building, while concurrently preparing for a $4,000,000 facility upgrade as part of a school bond issue approved by Las Cruces citizens in February 2014.
   Going forward, the facility upgrade will take place during the next year. New, excellent facilities will be provided for visual arts, dance, culinary arts, and science labs. The entire campus will receive upgraded technology and a cosmetic makeover. We anticipate being able to offer an enhanced educational experience in all academic and artistic aspects of our program.
   Changing direction, the school community is very proud of Alma’s continued growth in the NM Public Education Department school grade process. Our recently released grade is “B+” with 73.55 points on the scale where 75 points earns an “A” grade. At Alma, we strive for excellence of teaching and learning as our goal, with the school grade being indicative of our progress. Consistently for four years we have demonstrated continued progress towards this goal, and always make “Graduating Artist-Scholars Prepared for Success” our mission and reason for being. Further information about this year’s grade may be reviewed at by Clicking Here.
   Finally, we continue to have some openings for new students at all grade levels. It is not necessary for a student to complete a transfer form in order to attend school at Alma. To enroll here, the student and parent simply fill out our registration packet and set a time to select classes. There are no admission requirements or tuition fees. Registration forms are available at the school (402 West Court) or Click Here. Principal Mark Hartshorne is happy to host visits at any time with no appointment needed. Interested students and parents may contact him at 575-541-0145 extension 101 or email him at mhartshorne @ almadarte.org for additional information.

Alma d'arte is a public high school where staff, educators, and community partners believe, value and affirm:

Students, as resources, are the center of our focus and are given useful and meaningful roles in their educational process to make an invaluable contribution to their own education.

Faculty serve as both educators and advocates for the students and their families.

Curriculum is an integration of arts and standard academic subjects.

Collaboration between students, parents, families, and community members optimize the learning experience.

Leadership from the total school population is required and nurtured in order to shape their future through academic success.


 Alma Spotlight

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